A Hemorrhoids Home Remedy Can Provide Safe And Natural Relief

What You Need To Know About Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids (sometimes called 'piles' or 'hemroids') is an unfortunately common problem that about half the population will have to deal with by the age of fifty. Hemorrhoids are, essentially, enlarged veins located in the skin of the lower rectum and anus. There are two types of piles: internal and external. Both types cause bleeding during a bowel movement, and can cause itchiness and pain ranging from mild to severe. Luckily, this uncomfortable and often painful condition responds well to treatment. This article will focus on hemorrhoids treatment.


One of the top ways to relieve this problem at home on your own is with a Sitz Bath. A Sitz Bath should help relieve the discomfort, pain and itching associated with this problem. The ingredients for a sitz bath are easy to find and can be purchased at most health food stores or pharmacy.

As hemorrhoids are sometimes due to pressure when one is pregnant, one should not indulge in severe measures to help with them. This may have a result one does not want. Discuss the condition with one's health care giver, and follow what is recommended. And avoid sitting for long periods.

Many experts also suggest a cold compress in the region will also help relieve the discomfort, pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids. The cold compress helps reduce the swelling in that region and really does make the discomfort disappear. Cold compresses work well at relieving discomfort as a whole.

Give oneself a sitz bath. Simply put enough warm water in a bath to a depth enough to cover the anal area. Soak in the water for ten to fifteen minutes, but ensure the water is not too hot, or one may burn, because the veins are reasonably fragile.

Constipation is one of the major causes of this condition therefore, one is advised to take foods that are rich in fiber such as grains, fruits, vegetables as well as cereals. One should avoid eating processed foods or those that contain less fiber content because they make passing stool painful.

Another way that helps relieve the discomfort the natural way is by using a cushion that is shaped by the doughnut. The thought is by sitting on this cushion you will be putting less tension on the problem area and this will help relieve discomfort and help the healing process. View inside info on hemorrhoids home remedy and hemorrhoids treatment

Ice packs are also quite instrumental because they help a great deal in reducing pain in the affected area. The best way to get the best out of them is by placing them on the affected area up to five times in a day whereby, they should stay there for around ten minutes.

If you experience excessive anal bleeding or severe pain, it is important to seek immediate medical treatment as these can be symptoms of a more serious condition.